Sunday, February 21, 2016

1970 Chevrolet Impala 4-door Sedan

"Right Car. Right Price. Right Now."

Here's one of the various automobiles that don't really blend into Cuba's automotive landscape because they are from a time when the U.S. trade embargo was in full effect, and when especially cars from Detroit shouldn't be seen on the island. We don't know what's the story behind the pictured Chevrolet from Matanzas, but it is a refreshing alternative to the typical cars of that era you'll find in Cuba.

The Impala was introduced as Chevrolet's poshest trim level back in 1958. Twelve years later, it had already moved down the ladder and now was Chevrolet's most popular bread-and-butter offering, making room for the glitzy Caprice at the top of the lineup in 1965.

In 1970, the Impala was a big and cushiony automobile as it had always been, but there was not much more that would set the car apart from its competitors. This lack of forte is nicely reflected in Chevrolet's advertisement, which in that year focused on resale value rather than technological advances: "If the competition had Impala's high resale value, maybe they'd be No.1. Maybe."

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