Monday, October 6, 2014

1951 Kaiser DeLuxe 4-door Sedan

"If you're going to buy a new car — don't buy a car that isn't as new as the 1951 Kaiser. Because only Kaiser's Anatomic Design combines long, low beauty with new convenience . . . new safety . . . new driving comfort. Only Kaiser brings you the convenience of High-Bridge Doors, that let you in without knocking off your hat. Only Kaiser brings you the safety of a Cushion-Padded Instrument Panel. Only Kaiser brings you the new power of a Supersonic Engine, that's high on performance, low on gas and oil consumption. Thanks to Anatomic Design, the 1951 Kaiser is the newest thing on the road today! See it . . . drive it, at your Kaiser-Frazer dealer's right now."

Plastic bumpers and a makeshift windshield sans the characteristic "widow's peak" have notably altered the look of our pictured Kaiser DeLuxe, but notwithstanding the graceful curve of its roofline and the nimble proportions make this car stand out among other automobiles of its era.

Kaiser was a small fish among the American car manufacturers. Yet, their advertisement could stand any comparison with the boldest claims of the big contenders. For 1951, the copywriters invented "Anatomic Design" to praise the virtues of the new Kaiser, and the ad poetry nicely summed it up: "Anatomic Design . . . (Ana-TOM-ic) . . . is the newest, most advanced step in motor car making. It is the technique of styling and engineering every feature of the body and chassis to serve the needs of the human anatomy. The result is a harmonious blending of beauty, comfort, ease of handling and safety never before attained in a motor car."

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