Tuesday, May 8, 2012

1954 Oldsmobile 88 4-door Sedan

"We call them the newest new Oldsmobiles in fifty-seven years! Each one bears the unmistakable mark of Tomorrow in the breathtaking sweep of longer, lower lines. Each one offers you a veritable rainbow of color harmony. Each one has the flashing power of a new, livelier edition of the famous 'Rocket' engine! In every way they're cars of tomorrow, as you'll see the first time you drive one."

"The Dream that Couldn't Wait"
is waiting for its driver on this peaceful evening in Moron. Since the introduction of the powerful "Rocket" V-8 engine in 1949, Oldsmobiles were respected as innovative, although conservative cars in the public opinion. The 1954 overhaul of the lineup brought very elegant cars: big and with impressive, but not yet exaggerated styling. Despite their huge dimensions, Oldsmobiles were always easy to drive. The "88", pictured here, was the entry-level car in Oldsmobile's lineup, but already well-dotated. The only visible difference to the fancier "Super 88" was a tiny badge on the rear fender.

Enjoy another quote from the sales-brochure in a very snazzy 50s language: "Shaped on Oldsmobile's drawing board many years ago . . . sheduled for completion in 1955 . . . perfected a full year in advance! This is Oldsmobile for 1954 – breath-taking beauty and record-braking performance translated into reality! The fresh, original concept of this Oldsmobile finds brilliant expression in its new lower, longer, lovelier styling. In the daring new slant of its sweep-around panoramic windshield . . . the modern magnificence of its Custom-Lounge interiors . . . the hundreds of dramatic innovations from new 'World' crest to contoured tail-light! And, to match Oldsmobile's dream-car design with power – a new 185-horsepower 'Rocket' Engine!"

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