Tuesday, May 29, 2012

1949 Chevrolet Styleline DeLuxe Sport Coupe

"Idle along a country lane made smooth as asphalt by the magic of Chevrolet's new ride. Sweep down a broad highway while Panoramic Visibility unfolds a fuller, safer view all about you. Answer the invitation of any road and enjoy all the extra values exclusive to Chevrolet in its field. From Push-Button Door Handles to Center Point Steering, from Body by Fisher to Valve-in-Head engine, Chevrolet is first for quality at lowest cost!"

This is how an original "Full Vista" windscreen looks like after more than six decades: starting from the edges, the safety glass became "blind" over the years, which makes for a truly interesting look. Most windscreens of vintage Detroit Iron in Cuba have long been replaced, simply because you couldn't see through anymore. The amazing thing is, that new windscreens are available despite a non-existent supply of original spare parts. They get shaped in various clandestine workshops throughout the country. Safety glass? No, seƱor! Accidents and breaking glass will have dreadful consequences, but at least you'll have a windscreen at all. Considering that producing the panoramic screens of the latter 50s with their extreme curvature was a highly demanding industrial process, we marvel at the skills and artistry of cuban craftsmen who achieve similar results without elaborate tools.

Most cars of Chevrolet's first all-new postwar generation you see in Cuba, have four doors, and some are fancy hardtops or convertibles. Since the economic conditions in Cuba continue going downhill, various vintage cars, deemed being too impractical not too long ago, are awaken from their sleep in gloomy garages. This Chevy Styleline DeLuxe Sport Coupe is one of these rather uncommon sights. Although having just two doors and a tight cabin, it is being revitalized and soon will serve as a particular (read: privately operated) airport shuttle, explains its owner. Any business idea is welcome in Cuba, as long as it lets you make a living. And certainly, the idea of cruising along in Chevrolet's first all-new postwar design sounds very appealing to us.

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Caristas said...

Amazing, isn't it, how these cars are retired and revived, again and again. This Styleline Coupe will look good, with some detail work and new windshields!