Wednesday, December 9, 2009

1950 Chevrolet Convertible

"Companion of carefree days"

Dream-cars exist since a long time, and certainly a Chevrolet convertible was a dream-car for many cubans in the early 50s. While the other Chevy-models were advertised much more rational as "First and finest at lowest cost", Chevrolet tried to approach the convertible-buyers with fiction rather than facts: "This could be yours - green knoll, blue skies and all. This could be you, far distant from a world of cares . . . steeped in content. The way's not hard to find in a Chevrolet convertible."

The 1950 Chevrolets were very similar to the successful 1949 models. Just some touch-ups at the front-grille (now sporting a cleaner design) and new colors had to be enough to keep the customers interested.

Convertibles are obviously not an ideal choice in Cuba, as the hot weather won't give you much pleasure when driving open. But nevertheless, the idea of riding into the sunset with the roof down (a common scene in the movies of this time) likely attracted many cuban customers to buy. We guess, many convertibles were ordered just because it were usually the best-equipped and most expensive cars in the lineup, and a good way to distinguish their owners from the neighbors. Well, "All this is yours in the Chevrolet convertible, the perfect pathfinder . . . the ideal companion of carefree days. Visit your Chevrolet dealer."

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