Sunday, November 1, 2009

1956 Cadillac Series Sixty-Two Coupe de Ville

"In no other single model do Cadillac's new styling and luxury come to more brilliant life than in the glamorous Coupe de Ville."

The brownish paintjob of this Cadillac creates a nice contrast to the blue walls of the Iglesia Parroquial Mayor in Sancti Spiritus. Unlike its famous sibling Eldorado, this 1956 Series 62 Coupe still had modest tailfins and represented the rather "classic" Cadillac. But tailfins were rising inevitably, and Cadillac was among the fashion leaders: already one year later, the entire Cadillac lineup was outfitted with the Eldorado's high tailfins.

Cadillac's catalog announced: "From the smart accent of its new fender crest and nameplate to its new slip-stream rear fender styling, it is truly an inspiration to behold. And inside there are fabrics and appointments and luxuries to excite the most veteran Cadillac owner. In combination with Cadillac's dynamic new performance, this beauty and luxury make the Coupe de Ville one of the most dramatic of all 1956 Cadillacs."

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