Sunday, August 9, 2009

1953 Chevrolet Bel Air 4-door Sedan

"The 1953 Chevrolets are entirely new, through and through. They're thriftier, too. And they bring you more advanced features than any other Chevrolet in history. Prominent among these are the outstanding beauty of new Fashion-First Bodies by Fisher . . . the new power and passing ability of a brand-new 115 h.p. 'Blue-Flame' Valve-in-Head engine or a highly improved 108 h.p. 'Thrift-King' engine . . . and the comfort and safety of new Velvet-Pressure Jumbo-Drum Brakes and the Knee-Action Ride."

Chevrolet's advertisers in the 50s must have had hard times, sometimes, to find well-sounding names for all the "news" of their flashy new Chevrolets. Just that the cars weren't so new: although being completely reskinned, the body was largely based on the 1949-1952 generation. A new one-piece windshield and the re-shaped rear side windows skilfully disguised that even the roof structure was taken-over from the older models.

However, the designers of Harley Earls "Art and Color Section" proved again that they spearheaded automotive fashion in this time. The new Chevrolets looked more upright and modern, and the generous use of chrome on the front grille brought some glamour to GM's most economic cars. The customers were excited, and although Ford tried hard to come close in sales figures this year, the Chevrolets once again were "USA-1".

When you go to Cienfuegos, have a look at the seaside Punta Gorda district. Here, Florida-esque villas and classic cars, such as this Bel Air will forthright let you time-travel straight into the 50s...

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