Saturday, March 28, 2009

1956 Buick Special 4-door Riviera

"Along a city street, it rides with sweeping grace - and from the envying eyes that follow you in a long linger, you know you're traveling in the freshest fashion on wheels. At a light, along a turnpike, or up a long hill - it moves like pure performance - with the silent might and flash-fast response of the loftiest, highest-compression horsepower in Buick history - and with the instant take-off of a terrific new Variable Pitch Dynaflow."

"New Boulevard Ride - even on the byways"
, entitled Buick it's advertising in 1956, and in motion this Buick Special shows the massive grace that was a trademark of Buick's mid-50s styling. A bit more conservative than others, but widely considered as elegant and beautiful, the 1956 Buicks scored with an very smooth ride as well as excellent build-quality.

With nameplates pointing out the model-year, Harley Earl's designers introduced another gag for 1956, but already in 1957 these plates disappeared after hefty customer complaints. Nobody wanted to have an "old" car already next year...

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