Friday, March 20, 2009

1950 Dodge Coronet 4-door Sedan

"Here is the miracle of design that comes to you from the engineering staff that has always built America's most enduring, durable car . . . the rugged, dependable Dodge!"

When Dodge introduced its first new postwar-design in 1949, it became evident that Chrysler's Airflow-desaster in the 30s had made the company extremely conservative. Chrysler's Chairman K. T. Keller requested functional cars throughout the whole lineup, and the result were some rather unispired cars with dull proportions, the so-called "Keller boxes". This Dodge Coronet is one of them.

Despite the boring looks, the cars were built rock-solid, and sold as good as their siblings from De Soto and Plymouth. Many of them still populate cuban roads today.

Already for 1950, the Dodge received a facelift with a revised front grille and a wider rear window, which was quite unusual for a new design in the early 50s. Most likely, the tremendous impact of the new Chevrolets and Fords, which were also introduced in 1949, was the reason for this restyling-rush.

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