Sunday, March 20, 2016

1955 Buick Special modificado

"A bright new freshness forward, aft and all-around. It's here in distinctive new Wide-Screen Grille and chrome-capped headlamp — there in dramatic new sweptback tail light — inside with modern décor and new tri-spoked steering wheel — everywhere in low-lined, lithe, new fashion. Here in Buick for 1955 is the style leadership of today and tomorrow — and the thrilling beauty buy for you."

Against the blue windows of the shopping mall "Galerías de Paseo", right at Havana's Malecon, this 1955 Buick drop top becomes a striking photo subject. It comes in handy that "Grancar", the state-owned company that operates this Buick, readily offers sightseeing rides through Havana. Admiring tourists often can't resist the temptation to ride around in an authentic 1950s convertible, which is the reason why the Buick never stays long at this place.

Only car buffs would notice that this car wasn't always a convertible. There is a remaining strip of metal roof on top of the windshield frame, indicating that this was once a Buick Special Riviera hardtop. "Grancar" is quite infamous for these "chop jobs", remodeled cars that complete their fleet of genuine convertibles. Open cars seem to generate more income from happy customers, which makes these modifications a worthwhile effort.

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Caristas said...

At least this time they didn't start with a four-door hardtop!