Friday, May 8, 2015

1955 Buick Roadmaster 4-door Sedan

"WONDERFUL things seem to happen to people when they take over a 1955 Buick ROADMASTER like the one show here. There's a special lift just to see it waiting at he curb — swift-lined, stunningly styled, fairly breathing success. There's a heart-warming glow that seems to come just from slipping behind the wheel and taking the tasteful luxury of the fabrics, the colors, the finish. Even the little things seem to be a source of happy pride — like the ingenious new Wide-Speed Wiper that sweeps around the corners of the great panoramic windshield, or doubletimes in rapid stroke when faster cleaning is needed. But when you turn the key, start the engine and let the wheels start to roll — that's when ROADMASTER really quickens your pulse, really raises your pride."

"Looking cool" certainly is an well-practiced routine for these young habaneros, even if they'd presumably prefer a flashier place than sharing the front bench of this big almendrón.

Not even the deep-treaded truck tires can mar the imposing presence of Buick's flagship for 1955. At first glance, all Buicks of that year looked virtually similar, but in direct comparison you can clearly notice their proportional differences: besides being longer, the Roadmaster was a whopping four inches (10 centimeters) wider than an "entry-level" Buick Special, resulting in a much better stance. 

The Roadmaster used GM's corporate C-body, as did Cadillac. Both share the same roof with its massive windshield frame, while the smaller B-body Buicks sported a more fragile chrome frame around the windshield, just like the 1955 Oldsmobile 88. Details like these illustrate that GM products, despite being very divergently styled and marketed to appeal to very different customer groups, were actually not that different at all.

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