Sunday, October 12, 2014

1960 Ford Taunus 17M DeLuxe P2

"Come see the car all America has wanted and waited for — the Taunus 17M! A precision-built economy car, the Taunus 17M is an easy-to-park, 'in between' size. Sturdy, safe and nimble in traffic, it carries the entire family in roomy comfort with up to 35 miles to a gallon for gas savings!

See the happy combination of German ingenuity and famous Ford economy: in the unique suspension system for a truly 'even keel' ride  . . .  in the fine German short-stroke engine  . . .  in the adjustable foam rubber seats and hydraulic safety brakes! You'll discover quickly that the Taunus has economy extras you've always wanted — plus many luxuries you haven't even thought of! Made in West Germany for the Ford Motor Company, Dearborn, Michigan, and sold and serviced in the United States by its selected dealers."

If "frenched" headlights and the distinctive color separation seem familiar to you, it certainly is because Ford designers around the world knew what was going on in the headquarters. Ford's international branches were operating quite independently, yet the designs for new models were generally developed in close coordination with Dearborn. 

Compared to its American counterparts, the German Ford shows utterly different proportions, as it is a much smaller car. Just like GM and Chrysler, Ford had missed the sudden market shift towards compact cars in the late 1950s. For a short time, the company simply began importing German and English Ford models to battle the offers of the American "independents", before their own compact model, Ford Falcon, would be ready to hit the road in late 1959. 

Built between 1957 and 1960, the Ford Taunus 17M received a minor facelift in 1959. The model year 1960 now sported a one-inch (3cm) flatter roof, new chrome moldings around the C-pillars and the municipal coat of arms of Cologne, Ford's German headquarter, at both front fenders. Our pictured Ford Taunus shows the complete embellishment, and thus was built after the so-called "Werksferien" summer break in the latter half of 1959.

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Tim Auger said...

You can see here some of the styling DNA of the UK Ford Zephyr Mk II, and then back to the Vedette in France and US Fords such as the Crestline. Personally I think the Zephyr and Zodiac were the best looking implementations of that basic recipe. As the 1960s progressed, I think European Ford styling went off the rails, only recovering with the Mk II Cortina and the Grenada.