Monday, June 9, 2014

1949 Lincoln Cosmopolitan Sport Sedan

"The Lincoln Cosmopolitan Sport Sedan for 6 big people is luxury itself. Long and low–to–the–road  . . .  with a broad, breath-taking silhouette that forecasts the room-to-spare interior."

Very few of those Cubans who were in the game for a representative car in the early 50s, would have chosen the Lincoln Cosmopolitan. With its subtle and elegant lines, the Cosmopolitan was a car for the old money, and as such perhaps a bit too understated for the taste of Cuba's prospering show-off society. At the end of the day, a car was still a high achievement here, and the ones who could afford such a luxurious automobile, certainly liked to flaunt their acquisitions. For that purpose, there were flashier cars available: Cadillac or Packard, with similar prestige, offered fancier looking models. Even from Lincoln you could buy the more eye-catching Lincoln Sport Sedan for less money. This, we think, explains why you hardly ever meet one of the majestic Lincoln Cosmopolitan on cuban roads.

It remains a mystery why Lincoln, of all things, called the Cosmopolitan a Sport Sedan. Although the car was adequately motorized, it was anything but agile, and hampered by its vast dimensions and heavy weight. It clearly was made for the straight, rather than the twisty road. We think, the name Sport Sedan should imply a youthfulness that wasn't there, neither in the styling nor in the purpose of this Lincoln, and thus, it was a complete marketing nonsense.

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