Thursday, May 2, 2013


Frequent readers of this blog will have noticed that we didn't update Cubanclassics for quite a while now. The reason: we've been on another trip to Cuba. A month of absence from the "informed" world, without Internet connection, and with but scant bits of international news, most of them coloured in red, the preferred ductus of a state owned, socialist press. In Cuba, major headlines read like this one: "The distance between Cuba and India is just geographical." It wasn't all bad, though, as it teaches you upon return into our connected world, that the planet actually isn't turning as fast as one is tempted to believe. And that many of the "news" that we are exposed to every day are, well, merely a distracting noise.

But we've also spent four weeks full of impressions from an island that seems to exist in a strange parallel universe between past and present. And, of course, we've had a lot of interesting conversations with vintage car owners of very different background, be it the detail-obsessed pistonhead, or the Taxista who just sees his car as a tool to make a living.

Now we are back, having the SD-cards filled with new material for Cubanclassics. So, fellow readers, stay tuned for news on a rare Continental, some nice classic cars from Germany and England, and, of course, Detroit Iron aplenty.

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