Saturday, January 26, 2013

1954 Jeep Station Wagon

"The Common-sense Car that Leads a Double Life. AS A FAMILY CAR, the Willys DeLuxe Station Wagon is amazingly compatible with the needs of most American families. With easily cleaned seats, sides and floors it is a good companion to children and pets. Carries 'problem' items (such as bicycles and lawnmowers) without removing seats. Comfort for 6 adults, with huge luggage space behind rear seats. And its powerful Hurricane engine is so economical to run. Why not let your Willys dealer fit one of these into your life today? AS A BUSINESS OR WORK CAR, more than 100 cubic feet of usable space is available for tools or bulky packages. Seats lift out easily. Interior can be cleaned almost as easy as a kitchen sink! Why not start this motoring season with the car that gives you double utility; low first cost; low operating costs; high trade-in value? At your Willys dealer now. Willys Motors, Inc., Toledo"

Full steam ahead on the carretera central ! The rugged Jeep Station Wagon was, and is, always a dependable transport in Cuba's countryside. Alongside the "classic" Jeep which remained in production through 1953, Willys presented the Jeep Station Wagon in 1946. In Cuba you can find many of these Jeeps, as their simple construction and ruggedness perfectly fit to the rural life here.

Designer Brooks Stevens had to master an ambitious task when designing the Jeep Station Wagon: in order to keep the "draw" at a minimum when stamping the outer panels, the sheet metal stampings shouldn't exceed a certain depth. Six inches was the required maximum, and the Jeep's roof panel was just below that, while the side panels were a mere 2.5 inches deep. Thus, the Jeep became quite angular for the time's taste, sporting pretty flat sides and roof, but anyway, beauty was of secondary priority for most customers. Instead, the car was cheap, dependable and seated seven. And somehow, its frugal look rather underlined the utilitarian character of the Jeep.

While the rest of this highly popular car remained virtually untouched through 1965, only the horizontal bars at the Jeep's front grille tell of the year it was built. The number and position of these bars changed with each model year. Our pictured car left the assembly line in 1954.

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