Saturday, June 23, 2012

Vamos bien?

"¡Vamos bien!", we are doing well, is one of Fidel Castro's phrases that often appear on the numerous propaganda billboards adorning the island's roads. Well, after traveling Cuba for the past weeks, we are not so sure. Our strongest impression: deserted roads! Cuban roads were always quite empty, save for the dense traffic in Havana, but this time, we felt really alone on the open road. Private transportation is in agony, and the buses and trucks that used to carry the people between cities and villages became rare and even more jam-packed than before. Not many american cacharros crossed our way. Detroit Iron, it seems, is on the retreat. But, as always, it's worth to look behind the scenes: these cars are all but gone. They're just resting behind garage doors.

The reason is a simple one: within a few months, the price for a litre of (illegally acquired) gasoline on the black market doubled from 10 to 20 cuban Pesos, which equals 80 US-Cent. And fuel prices on the state-run fuel stations are exceeding 1,40 US-Dollar for the litre of 94-octane fuel. Mind you, the average monthly income still is a "whopping" 10-20 US-$. What hurts motorists in the first world today, hurts even more in a third world country.

But we've seen this phenomenon in Cuba before: whenever one thinks that things can't get worse, there comes proof that they actually can. Still, we are confident that this current "fuel crisis" will be mastered, like so many hardships before.

Yet, we made some nice discoveries on our journey, too. And we met very friendly people which opened their garages for us to proudly show off their vintage Detroit Iron. So, stay with us for more vintage cars to come on Cubanclassics.

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Anonymous said...

It is a russian tractor YuMZ-6AM.