Saturday, June 2, 2012

1952 Ford Fordor Sedan

"You'll step out in new comfort and style in this big Ford Fordor for '52. You can measure its comfort in the miles of smooth, relaxed driving you get. You can measure its style by the smiles of satisfaction its distinctive, years ahead design will capture. And your passengers will appreciate the Fordor's easy access . . . it's more-than-a-yard-wide doors. There are rear door safety locks, too, so you'll have freedom of mind with children in the back seat."

Coffee-break a lo cubano on the Autopista Nacional NĂºmero Uno: just park your car at the curbside. No need for further safety measures, because common sense on cuban freeways excludes the right lane from faster traffic. Instead, you'll see horse carriages and trucks lurching along, as well as cows or tractors. Sometimes, farmers even use this lane to dry their recently harvested rice on the hot asphalt.

The 1952 Ford continued the tremendous recovery of the ailing company that it's predecessor had initiated. Longer, lower and wider than the 1949 model, the new Ford lineup was vastly improved under its skin. Ford's designers skillfully applied a matching, more rectangular looking design. An one-piece windscreen and the horizontally stretched front grille, albeit still sporting the spinner-theme of 1949, made for a much more modern looking car. Circular rear lights made their first appearance in this year. They should become a Ford trademark for years to come.

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