Monday, May 10, 2010

1956 Ford Country Sedan

"This very popular 4-door model like its 'room' mate, the Country Squire, offers comfort room galore for eight – load room for all your family gear. Convenient Stowaway Center seat is divided – 1/3 and 2/3 – the smaller section on the right side and hinged for easy entrance to the rear seat."

Station wagons aren't a very common sight in Cuba. Obviously, glamour and style played a more important role than practicability when these cars were bought new in the 50s. Today, there's a different picture: station wagons have an indefinitely higher value among cuban chofers, and especially those who earn a living with their cars. The reason is simple: when used as a Taxi, you can cram more people into it, and earn more money on every turn.

Ford station wagons were perhaps Ford's most dependable money-makers throughout the 50s, and Ford constantly proved to be the number one in this segment. In 1956, when our pictured car was built, station wagons represented a solid 15% of Ford's overall business.

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