Monday, September 28, 2009

1955 Mercury Montclair

"In 1955, Mercury introduces the Montclair Series - three cars with the jaunty spirit of the sports car captured in a ground-hugging silhouette only 58.6 inches high; and the mighty performance of a special 195-hp version of the new Super-Torque engine. Here, too, is luxury you expect only in the most expensive cars, now within reach of most car buyers."

"Se vende", for sale, is a pretty rare sign on a cuban car. Usually, el carro is a well protected family jewel, just to be handed down from generation to generation. In case that someone wants to sell his car, then the word spreads immediately among friends and possible clients, and usually the car is sold in an instant.

The car market in Cuba is very limited: just a few privileged members of the communist "upper class" get the right to buy a new car, or even get a state-owned car donated for their private use. The vast majority of the pueblo has to find their dream in the ever decreasing pool of private-owned vintage cars, which were not seized by the new government after Fidel Castro's revolution in 1959. This is the main reason, why Detroit Iron still populates cuban roads, because individual mobility is a major desire for many, even in a highly restricted country like Cuba.

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